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VL Multisoft is the most reliable for Software Development in Mizoram.

||About Us

My Personal Profile:

My Name is K.Vanlalliana,
I am the youngest son among seven childrens between Major.Hrangdawla and Major.Lalrinthangi who retired from The Salvation Army Officers in Mizoram.

We are six brothers and one sister, we all got married and settled in various places of India.

I am Mizo, Khawlhring Lungen Clan

I spent most of my early life (Childhood) in Various Villages of Mizoram, I am living now in Zemabawk, Aizawl, Mizoram state, India with my parents, My wife and my children.

Being a member of the Salvation Army Church, I attend the church service at Zemabawk Corps with our Family.

Occupation: Teacher

Children: 3 daughters and 2 sons

As I most wishing to be at least blessing to one another, I offer all my products to be so.

Some of my Interest:
Software Development

VL Multisoft And Me.

VL Multisoft is established in 2007 based on my name to take all charge to care and full authorization of on my products. The office is located at Zemabawk, Aizawl. Mizoram State, India. As such My father, Major.Hrangdawla is holding the whole power and the proprietorship.

As ‘VL Multisoft’ is established to take initiative to sell my products and full ownership, My Father is the full charge.