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VL Multisoft is the most reliable for Software Development in Mizoram.

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If you are my customer who uses my products, you can now contact us to solve your problem through this website, and this website will enable you to send to me easily your software which is being used if required to rectify or modification. Firstly, It is essential to register who requires to send the file or data, the file could only be upload after you are given permission of sending the file. However, there is no limit for the size of attachment.

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Mr. K. Vanlalliana,
Top Floor, Maj. Hrangdawla Building,
Industries Square, Zemabawk, Aizawl,
Mizoram, India - 796017.

Hand Phone Nos : +91 9436192732 / +91 9862566251
Email: kvlliana@kvlsoft.com ; kvlliana2008@ymail.com

Any kind of queries or proposals Please email me or Please fill the details below and I will be happy to attend to your needs immediately.

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